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In a traditional client-agency business relationship, Springtime often enters projects as an entrepreneurial partner. Apart from fee-based projects, we are open to alternative rewarding systems in order to help our startup client in the early stages of his business. For successful innovation, some guts is required, both from entrepreneur and consultancy.

As a design consultancy, Springtime is continuously submerged in creativity and innovation. We follow the latest trends and technologies and monitor developments in every aspect of society. This results in a constant stream of ideas.

Sometimes, a promissing idea comes up that we don't find the proper client for. The idea is then first developed in-house, up to a point where we can test-market it. When the results and market feedback are positive, the idea is then brought into a new venture, allowing for external investments and knowledge partners. This has resulted in LEEV Mobility, a Springtime venture.

Leev Mobility - founded 2011 - is involved in the development and marketing of innovative light electrical vehicles for individual mobility in short and medium range. Applications include inner city mobility, commercial services, and leisure activity. All vehicles are based on proprietary and patented technologies in the field of motor control, battery management and energy storage. LEEV currently has 2 products.

Mantys is a brand new type of electric powered vehicle, delivering a fun and dynamic yet comfortable ride!  Mantys can be put to use in various applications like  golf, warehouses, resorts, terrain inspection, final mile delivery, etc.

Jack is a light-weight,  compact foldable electric step scooter for urban use. It’s the perfect companion for the urban commuter, both in car and public transportation.


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